Race Day Details M


If you have not yet registered follow this link for the registration page.

Race Package Pickup:

Race Packages will be available at the old Quiznos location beside Runners Sole on Friday March 24th from 4pm-6pm and on Saturday March 25th from 11 – 1pm. Address is 1395 Hillside Drive in Aberdeen Village near Milestones.

Out of town racers can pickup their race packages on race day March 26th at the race from 8am – 9am. Once you take the shuttle to the start area the race packages are available there.


Historically it has been nice at the end of March in Kamloops however remember this is an early season race and all racers should bring clothes for all conditions.

Getting there : Please park at or near the Dirty Jersey (1200 8th St north Kamloops) and take the free shuttle to the race start area do not attempt to drive to the start area as there’s no parking and parking on the road is not recommended your car could be damaged by passing vehicles .

Trails & Terrain:

The trails in Bachelor Heights are a mix of rocks, mud (if wet) and dusty dirt. There will be small sections of the race on double track trails to allow for passing and spreading out of the group however the majority of the race will be on singletrack trails.

Aid Stations:

5 km race will not have any aid stations on course however the start / finish area  will be fully stocked with Water, Torq (electrolyte drink), Chips, Popcorn, Organic Oranges and Bananas.

10 km race will have 1 aid station that will be stocked with the same items as the start / finish area.

21 km race will have 2 aid stations that will be stocked with the same items as the start / finish area.


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