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The North Face Dirty Feet Trail Run – March 25th, 2018 – Kamloops BC.

Thanks for registering for the race we are excited to have this event in Kamloops. If you have not yet registered follow this link for the registration page.

Now for some details – Getting to the start/finish – it’s a trail run so it’s a little more remote and there’s very limited parking maybe 20 cars.

Options to get to the race

  • We are providing a shuttle (from the Dirty Jersey address is below) to get you to and from the race so there is less vehicle traffic up the gravel road and to address the small parking area. Please do not park on the road, as it’s not safe. Shuttles will start at 7:45am and will run every 15 minutes. Last shuttle will leave at 9:15am for racers so if you are racing in the 21km make sure to be on an early shuttle. If possible try and carpool to the shuttle location – there’s lots of parking in the parking lot of the Dirty Jersey and on surrounding roads.
  • Spectators and friends of the racers are also welcome on the shuttle but the racers and especially the 21km racers will take priority so they can get to their race on time. Shuttle times can be extended if needed. Exact shuttle schedule will be sent out prior to the race also a map of how to get to the Dirty Jersey.
  • Park close by and walk or ride your mountain bike, ride from home, get dropped off or park at the Dirty Jersey Pub and take the shuttle to the race location.

There will be a large tent where you can store your belongings while you are running – please bring a bag so your gear is contained.

There will be 3 porta-potties at the race – it’s a desert location so no trees to hide behind.

If you have any medical conditions or allergies to anything please make sure to check-in with St. John’s Ambulance upon arrival.

The course consists of single track, double track and some connecting gravel roads. Please be prepared for rocks, roots, sagebrush, mud, and dirt.

Here is a Map of the Location for The Dirty Jersey

Dirty Jersey

1200 8th St,

Kamloops, BC  


Here is a map for getting to the Dirty Jersey from different directions in Kamloops.


Thanks again for registering run in March and we can’t wait to see all of you at the start line. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Cheers, Dirty Feet Trail Series

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  1. We are coming on Friday night and would like to possibly camp (travel trailer) at the race site. Is this possible? Somewhere that we won’t get in the way?
    We are coming with Pace
    Thanks Cindy

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