Water Stations S

Water Stations for the 50km run are as follows:

Water stations will be at each of the transitions – End of leg 1 – 10km, End of Leg 2 – 10km, End of leg 3 – 15km and end of leg 4 – 17km. This may change and will be updated if it changes.

It is highly recommended that you bring water or electrolyte drink with you for the whole race.

Water stations 1, 2 and 3 will be fully stocked with chips and other salty snacks, Eload electrolyte drink , coke, apple juice, cookies, jelly beans, gummies and water.

Water station after leg 4/finish area will have the above the food listed above plus oranges and bananas.

For solo runners If you would like to have a drop bag it will be available after leg 1 and leg 2 at mid mountain – the drop bags will be collected Friday night and transported up to mid-mountain early saturday morning. There will be more information in your racer email for where you can leave your bag to be added to the drop bag zone. Please make sure your bag is clearly marked with your bib number on it.

Solo runners can have 1 support person use their lift pass to go to mid-mountain with their gear and see them at leg 1 and leg 2 transitions areas.

First aid will be at mid-mountain and at the main start/finish area in the village.


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