Trail Etiquette N

What is proper trail etiquette?

It’s how an increased number of people can run, bike, or hike on trails together and giveway to faster runners and other users passing or meeting on the trails. Also using only designated trails.

Here are some guidelines to follow for proper trail etiquette when in a race:

  • You need to be able to hear and pay attention to your surroundings!!
  • If you need to wear headphones wear them in ONE ear ONLY and have your music turned down for your OWN safety so you can hear animals like bears, cougars or other runners, trail users and bikers.
  • When coming upon another trail user or runner call out “trail” or “on your left or right” well in advance so the runner in front has time to respond. Please slow when passing to prevent accidental contact. Say thanks to the runner or user who has moved to the side to let you by.
  • If you are the slower runner, stop and step aside to make it easier for the faster runner to overtake you.
  • Communicate with all users on the trails so everyone has a great experience so you know how to respond when being passed or passing someone.
  • Please and thank-you are always appreciated regardless of the user group on the trail in front of you.
  • Look out for other runners safety and well being – if you see someone struggling or maybe worn out or bonked take a minute to ask if they are okay and offer some assistance. Please let the next course marshal know their bib number and to ask them to look out for them. Or let the people at start/finish know the bib number.
  • Share the trails – while in a race or just out for your own trail run.

We don’t want to ban earphones in our races so we need you to turn down your music so you can hear someone behind you asking to get past.

Thank you for taking the time to read this so everyone can have a great experience on the trails and enjoy the events!

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