June 16th – Beat the Buzzer

The North Face Dirty Feet – Beat The Buzzer – Last man or woman standing!

Race Date: June 16th – 17th, 2018. Click Here to Register.

Race Location: TBA – within 30 minutes drive of Kamloops, BC

Race Course: TBA the week leading up to the race.

Race Details:button

The race starts at 8am and the race will re-start again every hour on the hour until there’s one person left standing! Race solo or as a team!

The course will be a 5-7km route located within a 30 minute drive from Kamloops. You can run solo or on a team. You need to be completed the 5-7km course under an hour to start the next loop at the next hour. For teams your teammate needs to be finished the loop in under an hour in order for you to continue the race. If you don’t make it back under the hour then you will be cut off – How many loops can you complete without getting cut-off!!

To keep the race fair for locals and people from out of town the location of the race will be known but the exact course will not be published until the week leading up to the race. 

Race Example:  Jon runs the first loop in 45 minutes he has 15 minutes to get ready for the next start time. Jon then takes 55 minutes to complete the loop so he has 5 minutes to get himself ready for the next start time. Jon takes 59 minutes to complete his 3rd loop so he now has 1 minute to get ready to start on the hour. Jon takes 1 hour and 5 minutes for his 4th loop – Jon’s race is now over and is super impressed with completing 4 loops (20+km) but is pulled from the course and his race is over.  – Are you ready for the challenge?

For teams each runner will need to complete their lap in 59:59 for their teammate to continue. If the Buzzer goes off before you complete your lap you will not be able to continue.

After 12 hours if there will be new rules implemented to expedite the finishing process for this year. Who will be the last runner standing?

Entry Fees – If you or your team are planning to run more than 6 laps then you must register for the over 6 hour entry so that would be over 30 km. If you are going to run less than 30km and under 6 hours you should register for the under 6 hours entry. Entry includes fully stocked aid station, first aid, a well marked course, race swag and a super fun time!

Under 6 hours Solo: $55 Early bird (until Feb 28th) $60 ( March 1st – May 31st) $65 (June 1st – June 15th)

Over 6 hours Solo: $80 (until Feb 28th) $85 (March 1st – May 31st) $90 (June 1st – June 15th)

Under 6 hours Teams of 2:  $110 – $55/ person (until Feb 28th) $60 ( March 1st – May 31st) $65 (June 1st – June 15th)

Over 6 hours Teams of 2: $160 – $80/ person (until Feb 28th) $85/person (March 1st – May 31st) $90/person (June 1st – June 15th)

Race swag details coming soon!

Click here to Register!

The Course:

The Course will offer a variety or terrain including single track, double track, up and down hills, rocky and sandy conditions. It will be a looped course and provide lots of fun and entertainment for people sticking around to watch. 

This run doesn’t count towards the Dirty Feet Points Series.