Course Map L

The map for the North Face Dirty Feet 6 hour mountain bike Enduro. Click Here to Register!

2015 bike race

Trails to take to follow this course – Up the main tower trail, Right on Saskatoon, Right on Balsam Root, Left on Upper Doug Daws, Left on Ponderosa to head past washroom, Right on Sunset Trail, Right on Mesa Trail, turn left on (Blowdown Alley / Lavaflow), Right on Blowdown Alley, Straight across ponderosa and onto West Vista, Left and Left on to Ruffed Grouse, Left on Lower Doug Daws, Right onto Ponderosa, Right on Deer Run on to single track, come out on double track – *New Sharp Right on Reservoir trail up past gazebo – Left on unnamed trail, continue straight to Red Fox keep right up hill, Left on to Doc Findley takes you around just before the parking lot turn Right – * Right again and head thru construction area. Go up hill towards tower and head left towards Red-Tailed Hawk, Left on Red-Tailed hawk down to the finish.


Course Profile

2015 profile

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