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North Face Dirty Feet Enduro

This event takes place over a 6-hour time frame on a 14 km loop, which starts and finishes at the same location. The object is to complete the greatest number of laps before the end of the event. There is a solo category for the hard cores, 2 person teams and 4-person teams. Only one member of the team is on the course at any one time, in other words you take turns riding. After ride awards and prizes will be at Red Collar Brewery!!

There will be lots of prizes from many of our sponsors so go ride and have fun!

Detailed Race Rules:
This is a “six hour” event, starting at 9 am. In actual fact it lasts 6 1/2 hours. Riders/teams complete as many laps as possible before the 6 1/2 hour mark (3:30pm). New laps can be started up until the 6 hour mark (3pm) but must be completed before 6 1/2 hours. If you finish your last lap at 3:29, your lap counts, if you finish at 3:31 you get no credit for the last lap. In the event of a tie in the number of laps between teams (this often happens), the fastest completion time for those laps wins. For teams, the only requirement is that all riders must complete at least one lap otherwise any combination is acceptable. Most teams have riders alternating one lap at a time but some teams do 2 at a time, some have the stronger rider do more laps and so on. It’s up to you, and you can decide as you go along! Teams are both women, both men, or mixed. As is traditional in Mountain Bike racing, you are expected to be self-sufficient. We are working on a bike repair team but in case we don’t have one there will be course marshals placed out on the course. Most of them will be able to communicate to the first aid team or to the start area if you have any problems.

Trail Etiquette:

Everyone likes single track and we try to include as much as possible but this also makes passing a little more challenging. If you’re faster than someone ahead, let them know (nicely – no yelling, coming in hot!) you want to get by, but be patient and wait for a wide spot. If you’re holding someone up, pull over as soon as you can. Remember there’s no million dollar prize…. This race is meant to be fun for everyone!

Start/Finish area:

This event takes most of the day and there is a fair bit of hanging out involved. You will need to be self sufficient so remember to bring some lawn chairs, a cooler, food and drink, sunscreen and maybe a tent for some protection from the elements.

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    • The results will be posted on our website in the next day or two. Once they have been posted we will notify people by using our facebook fan page to let everyone know that the results are posted. Thanks and I’m glad you had a good race.

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